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Rules and conditions terms for QQfunbet.com

All the participants must follow all the rules, terms and conditions for QQFUNBET SEO contest that will going to appear here without any exception.

  1. All competitors must provide/write an article with a specific theme of “QQFUNBET.COM FREE PLAY ONLINE SLOTS MACHINES AND CASINO SLOTS IN MALAYSIA” for their website or blog that they will use as an entry to this SEO contest.
  2. The websites or blogs that will be going to use as an entry on this contest must be at least 3 months old.
  3. The article to be use as an entry must have at least 600 words and must insert 3 (three) backlinks to the article with anchor text given below.
  • FREE SLOTS (needs to have a link to http://qqfunbetmas.com).
  • SLOT MACHINES (needs to have a link to http://qqfunbetmas.com).
  • ONLINE SLOTS (needs to have a link to http://qqfunbetmas.com).

NOTE: If the entry doesn’t have those 3 (three) backlink that also needs to be dofollow, then your entry is automatically disqualified without prior notification.

  1. All the articles that will going to be used on this QQFUNBET SEO contest must not be plagiarized, meaning copy and pasting the contents of the other participants and any article on the internet is prohibited. Also, writing a content with 50% more about the QQFUNBET contest is not allowed. The articles should contain matters that is related to the given theme.
  2. All the participants must include the post url (not just the main page or website url only) for the entry. Example: “http://www.domainame.com/qqfunbet-com-free-mobile-slot-online-games-with-the-largest-jackpot".
  3. All the websites or blogs that will be used for this SEO contest must don’t have any pornographic content or anything that will violate the laws apply in Malaysia. Also, for the articles it should not offend the SARA law and any traces of pornography.
  4. Domain websites and blogs may be only registered 1 time, or 1 website or blog to 1 entry ratio.
  5. All participants must install the 3 QQFUNBET banners on the website or blog that will going to be used as an entry on this contest.
  • 1 Banner QQFUNBET Promotion with the anchor text “BIGGEST ONLINE SLOTS BONUS JACKPOT QQFUNBET”
  1. Participants whose article URL that includes sosbooks will automatically disqualified.
  2. Participants that will going to use some blackhat SEO techniques such as cloaking, link farming, invisible text, keyword stuffing and all sorts of cheats in SEO and once the committee caught a participant who uses those kind of cheats, the committee has a right to cancel his/her victory and replace them.
  3. When the end of registration time comes and the participants doesn’t reach 100 (one hundred) the registration for the contest will not be going to extend (NB: even if the participants doesn’t reach 100, but if one of the contestant’s keyword reach the rank 1 it will be declared as a winner).
  4. Using a subdomain that is containing the word qqfunbet in it is not allowed.
  • For example: qqfunbet.domain.com
  • The word domain can be any of free blogs like, WordPress, BlogSpot, Tumblr, and more.
  1. Using any url that is not registered in our database, we have the power to replace by other url next to it.
  2. The winner on this contest is a participant whose blog or website is already indexed for at least 30 days in google.co.my with the keywords that are being competed and already registered in the database of the committee. If is not indexed for 30 days, disqualification may occur.
  3. When the time of judging comes and we find out that there are keywords appear on any social bookmark and Social Medias, it will not going to be counted.
  4. Using Pay Per Click (PPC) for the promotion of any participant in this SEO contest is not allowed. QQFUNBETSEO contest team will continuously monitor and observe the contest and the participants, if any participants got caught using PPC, it will be declared dead right away. Participants that declared dead can become a part of this contest again by submitting another blog or entry that has not been registered before.
  5. The jury on this contest is GOOGLE.COM.MY (Malaysia) by cleaning the HISTORY AND COOKIES first.
  6. The end of registration on this contest last up to July 23, 2018 at 00.01 WIB, any further registration after the given time will not be recognized as a contestant even what happen to the URL of what you think an entry.
  7. Adding rules as the contest progresses by the committee is cannot be contested by the participants. All the participants must agree to all terms and condition given on this contest.
  8. The committee of this contest have the rights to review each winners, reduce or add rules, and even to disqualify any blog or website of the participants on this SEO contest.